Back to the land

During the years following the Great Depression, brothers Harry and John Griffith left Kansas and boarded a westbound train seeking work in California and hoping to take advantage of the promise the Golden State offered. By the 1950's, they had saved enough money to purchase land and begin cultivating their first farm in California.

In the late 1960's, they entered the packing and marketing side of the business with Suntreat Packing & Shipping Co. Now they were able to more fully control the packing of their fruit and getting it to market.

Harry and John's sons, cousins Dennis and Dwight Griffith, have fully realized their fathers' dreams with vertically integrated companies consisting of Tree Source Citrus Nursery, Griffith Farms and Suntreat, which together provide top-quality citrus from 'seed to store'.

Dennis and Dwight have remained focused on the family farm, searching out and planting new varieties with outstanding flavor and consumer appeal. With an eye to the tremendous potential of high quality citrus, they continue to use their innovative skills to perfect the growing and marketing of delicious new varieties.

Suntreat developed the U.S. market for the Australian late navel varieties in order to meet the demand for Navel oranges late in the season. Today the Suntreat Summer Navel is the preferred late navel in both the domestic and export markets.

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