Griffith Heritage Citrus Grove

Outdoor Education Center - Going back to Griffith family roots

Just as brothers Harry and John Griffith cultivated the citrus groves in Orange County CA while building their home construction business, their descendents felt it was important to continue the region's agricultural tradition as a link to the past and a path to developing the future.

A 187-tree working citrus grove is part of the Ranch Camp program to educate today's youth on the importance of agricultural science while honoring Orange County's past.

The grove features a wide range of citrus-bearing trees, including some varieties that were grown historically in the Orange County area. It is an integral part of the Ranch Camp program designed to educate participants on the importance of agriculture in our society and its specific impact on Orange County development.

The Orange Grove project was designed and funded by the Griffith family who have raised their families and done business in Orange and its neighboring counties since 1938.

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