Packing and Shipping

Suntreat handles citrus for approximately 150 grower families on over 9,000 acres, and supplies millions of cartons of fruit every year. Suntreat grows and packs a variety of citrus, both popular high-volume and specialties:

• Lemons
• Navel Oranges
• Pummelo
• Oro Blanco
• Cara Cara Oranges
• Seedless lemons
• Melo Golds
• Reserve Navels
• Blood Oranges
• Minneola Tangelos
• Sumo Citrus®
• Valencia Oranges
• Gold Nugget Mandarins
• Summer Navel Oranges

To guarantee the availability of top-quality produce throughout the year, Suntreat has developed deep relationships with California's best citrus growers, whose groves are located between southern Kern County and Fresno County in the north.

Traceable fruit from the grove to retail, Maximizing Food Safety and Customer Satisfaction

Suntreat utilizes the latest technologies to achieve the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency. Through the use of computer and barcode tracking all of the fruit can be traced from the day it was picked in the field to arrival at its destination. Tracing the fruit back to the specific grove is crucial to growers, allowing them to receive feedback and to help ensure food safety. Automated electronic grading machines have been installed in each of the packing plants, which allow more consistency in the grading process. As a result, buyers know they can rely on Suntreat’s consistent sizing and outstanding quality. The company’s modern packing equipment allows for most packaging alternatives such as bags, reusable plastic containers (RPCs), Euro cartons, smaller consumer packs, tri-wall bins and other pack styles for buyers with specific requirements.

Suntreat Sales & Marketing – Connecting great citrus to customers, one relationship at a time

The Suntreat sales office is located at the packing house so that the sales department can see first-hand exactly the condition and quality of the fruit being packed. Buyers are invited to Lindsay to observe their fruit being packed. The sales staff is on-site to answer any questions and negotiate terms face-to-face. This is the service, quality and integrity that are routinely provided to buyers as customers of Suntreat.

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