The Suntreat Family

As a Suntreat grower, you’re part of the Suntreat family that spans generations of California citrus growers. Our business is to get your crop to market by the most efficient and profitable means possible. We provide a full array of packing and marketing services to maximize utilization. We share your pride in what you do. And why not? California citrus is widely known as the best in the world. Suntreat's accurate pack-out reports are designed so that your citrus has full traceability from the grove to the carton.

Suntreat's success helps assure yours

Suntreat supplies citrus to major retailers throughout the United States and Canada. This includes everything from large grocery chains to independent grocers. Whether the customer purchases 500 cartons or 500,000, Suntreat is able to accommodate the individual needs of each buyer, based on volume, variety, grade and packaging. Innovation, reliability, focus on quality and a diverse selection of different citrus varieties has resulted in Suntreat's reputation as a leader in the citrus industry.

Suntreat Oranges
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