Suntreat Reserve Citrus™

ORO BLANCO is a cross between an acidless pummelo and a white grapefruit and is named for the legendary Spanish "white gold.” It’s distinctive, bright green early season peel gradually turns to yellow through the season, but the golden fruit segments are just as sweet and tasty in the green stage as they are later in the season. Oro Blanco has a unique, sweet-tart flavor, without the bitterness often associated with grapefruit. Available November - February.

SEEDLESS LEMON How did Suntreat improve on the perfection of a fresh lemon? By growing lemons without seeds! Enjoy their juicy and seedless convenience with your favorite drinks and recipes. Suntreat Reserve seedless lemons are grown from a natural hybrid stock available from December - March.

CARA CARA Think Pink! This navel variety was first discovered in 1976 in the tropics of South America. Its bright orange exterior is similar to other navels but inside the flesh is reddish-pink with an uncommonly sweet and low acid flavor. Thanks to its tropical roots it has been described as evoking notes of cherry, rose petal, orange, and blackberry. Available from December - April.

RESERVE NAVEL oranges are allowed to ripen on the tree until the perfect balance of size, texture and sweetness is achieved. Hand-selected and harvested well above the industry standards, this juicy, sweet fruit is the best tasting California orange. Packed for consumers just as for our families. Available from January - April.

Sumo Citrus® is widely recognized by consumers worldwide as the “Best Citrus Ever”. Sumo Citrus® was originally developed in Japan, where it is known as Dekopon. This seedless mandarin-orange combination is prized for its ultra-sweet, juicy, complex, melt-in-your-mouth flavor and easy-to-peel skin. Its large size and pebbly peel are crowned by a distinctive topknot. Grown in California exclusively by our Suntreat family growers. Available February - April. Read more...

GOLD NUGGET is a medium size mandarin and is named after for gold once found in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, where the Gold Nugget now grows. Its color is bright orange and it has a bumpy, easy to peel and aromatic skin. It is seedless with a deliciously sweet taste making it the perfect late season fruit, from April - May.

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